Dog Behaviour Consultation

Helping with behaviour problems such as:

  • Aggression toward other dogs.
  • Aggression toward humans.
  • Reactivity.
  • Anxiety.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Resource Guarding.
  • Fears and phobias.
  • Separation anxiety (isolation distress or hyper-attachment).




Dog open mouth


There are 5 key elements to the process.

  • The Pre Consultation – To gather essential information about you and your dog. (Via phone/internet)
  • The Consultation – To work directly with you and your dog. (At your home/relevant area)
  • The Report – To give you a concise written reference guide to everything that we have covered. (Via email)
  • The Follow Up Visit – To ensure that progress is being made and give further advice as required.
  • Ongoing Support – (Via phone/email)

Cost – £320  –  Contact me to book.