Giving rescue dogs the best start in their new home.

Rescue dog training support scheme

This is the only Canine Adoption Support Scheme of its kind to offer a full support service that is truly FREE.  It is free to the rescue/rehoming centre and free to the adopter.  This ensures that valuable funds can be spent on the essentials such as food and medical treatment.

Many fantastic dogs come from rescue centres. Lots of dogs find themselves in the rehoming system through no fault of their own, a change in family circumstance often is the reason for handing in their dogs.  Some dogs may be unclaimed strays that have been saved from the local pound. Some dogs may have been handed in because of behaviour problems ranging from the very minor issues such occasional barking to more severe problems such as aggression.

Some of these dogs will settle straight in to their new home without problems and some will need more careful integration to ensure they become happy, well balanced members of the family. Whichever category your new dog fits in to, having a little extra 1-2-1 advice can only be a good thing.

How Restart for Rescues works.

What you receive.
There are 3 sides to this service. All adopters and dogs taking part will receive individual attention and group socialisation.

Part 1 – 1.5 hour of dog training and behaviour advice at Abington Park, Northampton.
During the session, advice will be given on the best practices to ensure that you get the best out of your dog. There are many mistakes that can easily be made when taking on a new dog, avoiding them from the beginning is the best way to make a success of your rehome.  If there happen to be any specific issues that your dog has developed, we will look at the options to best deal with them.  I will also advise on the most suitable equipment (leads, collars, toys, safety etc.) and very importantly advice on a good diet.  No payment is required.

Part 2 – On-going dog socialisation and basic training for life.
The Adult Dog Walk is held every Saturday morning in Northampton.  The dog walk has the added benefit of exercises designed to help with socialisation. Many rescue dogs can be under-socialised due to being in kennels for a long time or because they didn’t get what they needed in their previous situation. The dog walk has already helped so many dogs turn their lives around and is considered an invaluable service by those that come along week after week.  People regularly travel for over an hour to join the walk with some travelling more than 2 hours, this is something not to be missed.  No payment is required.

Part 3 – A lifetime of support
If at any point in the dogs life problems arise, my personal support is available free of charge via telephone or email.  This could be just one week down the line or in ten years time.  It could be a minor hiccup that needs ironing out or something far more serious. When ever advice is needed, what ever the problem may be I am just a phone call or mouse click away.
Now there’s peace of mind for any new adopter. 

How to take part in the scheme.

The rescue centre MUST be signed up to the Restart For Rescues scheme and actively taking part in the scheme prior to the adoption of your dog if you are to qualify for the free session.

The rescue centre.
If you are involved with a dog rescue centre or dog rehoming service and would like to take advantage of my free support for the dogs that you are involved with, please Contact me to discus the next steps.  Essentially it is very simple, when potential  adopters are looking for a dog, you let them know about the support they will receive with any dog that they rehome.  When they reserve their new dog, they must Contact me prior to collecting their dog so that the free appointment can be arranged to take place within 7 days of collecting their dog.  No payment is required.

The individual.
If the dog rescue centre or dog rehoming service where your dog is coming from is not currently involved with the Restart for Rescues scheme, you can still get the same help with your new dog.  All that you need to do is get in touch with the rescue centre where you are intending to rehome a dog from and ask them to Contact me to arrange taking part in the Restart for Rescues scheme.  The rescue centre can then follow the protocol as laid out in the above paragraph “The rescue centre” No payment is required.