Puppy Beginners Class

Puppy Beginners classes are for vaccinated puppies who are aged up to 5 months of age at the beginning of the course. We teach through fun exercises and training games, and use motivational, reinforcing methods.  Each week there are brand new skills to learn, as well as building on the reliability of exercises from past weeks.  We have loads of fun, and you can expect to learn the following when you attend the course.  All pups are welcome to join the free Puppy Walk at Abington Part to put their new skills in to practice (and show off a bit!).

  • Recall

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Enthusiastic response to Name

  • Eye Contact/Focus

  • Hand Touch

  • Sit – Down – Stand

  • Stay

  • Peak-a-boo

  • Roll Over

  • Spin

  • Beg

  • Paws-Up

On completion of the course, dogs are invited to join the Continuation Classes, where a wide range of training activities including dog sports, scent work and obedience can be explored!


Certificates are awarded on completion of the course, additional ‘Awesome Award’ Rosettes are presented for special achievement!

Each week there is time for questions, on any aspect of dog training or behaviour!

The course runs for 6 weeks with each session being 55 minutes. There is a maximum of 8 pups per class. Cost £95

Classes starting on August 13th run over 7 weeks with a week off on September 10th.


Rosie Retriever with Rosette 1

Classes are outdoors, and take place on Monday evenings, on the playing field of the Obelisk Centre in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. Classes are open to all friendly, vaccinated puppies aged up to 5 months old. Dog aged more than 5 months old should join the Adult Beginners Class.  Dogs with any aggressive/reactive behaviours can not attend classes and will need to book a 1-2-1 Behaviour Consultation instead.