Restart For Rescues

Giving rescue dogs the best start in their new home.

This is the only Canine Adoption Support Scheme of its kind to offer a full support service that is truly FREE.  It is free to the rescue/rehoming centre and free to the adopter.  This ensures that valuable funds can be spent on the essentials such as food and medical treatment.

What is it?

Rescue dog training support scheme

Many fantastic dogs come from rescue centres. Lots of dogs find themselves in the rehoming system through no fault of their own, a change in family circumstance often is the reason for handing in their dogs.  Some dogs may be unclaimed strays that have been saved from the local pound. Some dogs may have been handed in because of behaviour problems ranging from the very minor issues such occasional barking to more severe problems such as aggression.

Some of these dogs will settle straight in to their new home without problems and some will need more careful integration to ensure they become happy members of the family. Whichever category anew dog fits in to, having a little extra support can only be a good thing.

For Rescues

If you are involved with a dog rescue centre or dog rehoming service and would like to take advantage of the free support for the dogs that you are involved with, please get in touch to discus the next steps.  Essentially it is very simple, when potential  adopters are looking for a dog, you let them know about the support they will receive with any dog that they rehome.  When they collect their new dog, they must Contact Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour within 7 days to ensure they can secure a free place on the next session.  No payment is required.

For adopters

If the dog rescue centre or dog rehoming service where your dog is being adopted from is not currently involved with the Restart for Rescues scheme, you can still get the same help with your new dog.  All that you need to do is get in touch with the rescue centre prior to rehoming a dog and ask them to get in touch to arrange taking part in the Restart for Rescues scheme.  The rescue centre can get set up, and begin including the free support with their adoptions.  No payment is required.  The rescue centre MUST be signed up to the Restart For Rescues scheme and actively taking part in the scheme prior to the adoption of your dog if you are to qualify for the free session.