Mixed Age Beginners Class

The in-person Mixed Age Beginners classes are suitable for Puppies and Dogs of any age who have completed and are up-to-date with their vaccinations.


We teach through fun exercises and training games, and use motivational, reinforcing methods.  Each week there are brand new skills to learn as well as building on the reliability of exercises from past weeks.

Classes are held outside at The Obelisk Centre, 400 Obelisk Rise, Northampton NN2 8UE
AND Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground, Welford Road, Kingsthorpe, NN2 8AJ (What 3 Words: Admire.Stop.Dart)

Certificates are awarded on completion of the course!

The course runs for 6 weeks with each session being 1 hour.


Fern and I have just completed Nathan’s puppy beginner classes and we had a fantastic time! Nathan’s approach to training, ability to breakdown techniques into understandable steps, and personable humour made training fun, enlightening and rewarding.This, coupled with Nathan’s weekly puppy walks, are helping Fern develop into a well mannered dog and helping me to understand how to teach her.Anybody looking for support and training for the dogs in their life should certainly give Nathan’s training a go!

What we train!

Dog training class

In addition to training the behaviours listed below, we discuss a wide variety of important topics to help you give the best life to your puppy or dog.  Each week there is time for questions and support, on any aspect of dog training or behaviour!

  • Recall
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Enthusiastic response to Name
  • Hand Touch
  • Sit – Down – Stand
  • Emergency Stop
  • Co-operative Handling
  • Spin
  • Paws-Up/Paws-Off
  • Drop/Leave it
  • Settle


Jack Russell with dog training class certificate

Dogs attending classes must be comfortable when in close proximity to other dogs and people, and must not be persistent barkers as this can be disruptive to the class.  If for these reasons your dog is not able to join the in-person classes, private training or behaviour sessions are the appropriate options.

Cost £150 

Booking Now Open!

Thursday April 25th 7:15 pm at The Obelisk Centre

Thursday April 25th 6:00 pm at The Obelisk Centre

 Saturday March 30th 2:15 pm at Kingsthorpe Rec – SOLD OUT
Saturday March 30th 3:30 pm at Kingsthorpe Rec SOLD OUT