Dog Behaviour Assessment + Training

This is an appropriate option in many situations where a low level behaviour concern being presented (occasional reactivity, minor separation anxiety/related behaviour etc.)

What is it?


The Dog Behaviour Assessment is a 2.5 hour appointment in you own home or at an alternative appropriate location such as a local park (dependant on the behaviour).  During your appointment an assessment will be carried out and relevant information taken allowing support in management and training to help improve the area of concern before it develops further.



There are no magic wands unfortunately, but with Nathan’s extensive experience working with thousands of dogs since 2011, backed up by industry recognised training and behaivour qualifications including a degree in canine behaivour, you can rest assured that only ethical, kind methods with scientific backing supported by effective practical application will be used during any training.

Training will never under any circumstances use shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, or any other equipment or method which evokes fear, causes pain, or involves force.


If you’re unsure whether the Dog Behaviour Assessment is a suitable option for you and your dog, please get in touch providing a brief overview of the behaviour concern and Nathan will be able to advise you accordingly.

£250 Email to book.

If you’re outside of Northampton, there may be additional travel charges, please include your postcode with any enquiry for an accurate cost.