Puppy Seminar


Everything you need to know to get it right from the beginning!

This is just for humans – Please do not bring your dogs/puppies.

Dedicated to all things puppy, including in depth explanations of all that has been puzzling you!  You will leave with with a head full of useful information to help you maintain a happy, healthy pup and a happy family!  With questions and answers throughout the presentation, this is a truly interactive discussion. 

  • Key stages in your pups life and what happens when.

  • Common pitfalls.

  • Diet advice.

  • Key training exercises.

  • Habituation & Socialisation.

  • Common struggles for the new family.

  • Why puppies get rehomed & how to avoid it.

  • What to do if your pup is nervous.

  • The difference between play & aggression.


£30 per person

Do you run a dog training club, group or sporting team?
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