Loose Lead Walking Workshop


Hands-on practical training for Loose Lead Walking!

This 2-hour outdoor workshop is designed to equip you with a variety of effective loose lead walking exercises that you can take away and put to use in your everyday training.  The workshop is held on the grounds of The Obelisk Centre, in Northampton, and is open to 6 participants and their dogs.  Cost £65

Pulling on the lead is one of the biggest struggles many dog owners face and is one of the most important areas to address. Having a dog that pulls on the lead can cause physical harm to both the handler and the dog.  Pulling is often a significant factor that contributes to other behaviour problems.

  • Why dogs pull.

  • Equipment – the Pros & Cons.

  • Essential training exercises.

  • How to overcome common struggles.

No punitive methods such as prong collars or choke chains used.


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In the event that a class can not be held at a venue for any reason including but not limited to Coronavirus/Covid-19 or severe weather, the class will be held via live video link.

Please note. Facilities (Toilets/refreshments) are currently not available at the venue due to Covid-19.